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The new Half Life 3 weapon will be able to destroy big buildings and walls. There will be an better destroy engine next to realism. Specially the texture in Half Life 3 characters, new buidlings, real life water/liquid physics en lightining.

Half Life 3 Release Date Confirmed

Half Life 3 Release Date Confirmed

dzanar dj youtube

Dj Youtube Website

Check this simple concept. Build your small music party with Dj Youtube.
Basicly there 2 frames on this website where you can combine youtube videos together. It’s an easy way to play youtube videos together instead having these annoying windows seperated.

Check the new features of  Google OS. A new remarkable operating system of Google.
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shocking larry king devorce wife fight
Sources tell TMZ both Larry King and Shawn Southwick filed for divorce today after an explosive argument at their home in Beverly Hills.

We’re told cars screeched out of the driveway, just after a nuclear argument.

We’re told the marriage fell apart over allegations of infidelity.  Sources say Shawn is accusing Larry of having an affair with one of her close relatives.

Larry King had no comment, so far.

I don’t know but the most fashiongurus are mostly faggish or to sensitive and gay. More not realising the reality and a wonderland. But that what makes you creative. I’m not a hater to this type a group, whois trying express themselves by wearing faggot tight pants and pink blue trousers.

Are you a fashion follower/guru/addict?

Rihanna against aids.

half life 3 youtube preview technology

Beta Release Date: Half Life 3 Release October 2011

What features will Half Life 3 offer us? I think the new Half Life 3 will be released october 2011. And will have more detailed and high advanced graphics. Ofcourse, Steam wanted to be the leader with new spectacular actions and 3d engine. So they will show better technology that will astonish our eyes. It will be again, a best leading next gen game.

And good news! DMM (The baddest 3d destruction technology) is apparently going to become far more widely used according to this new article (March 18th, 2010)

The release date is a speculation, don’t tell us that is wrong and all kind a shit. Stay tuned on this blog for more upcomming Half Life 3 news and other posts.

Who is the guy in the chat roulette blowjobs video? This guy is making youtube videos of CounterStrike Source. And dumping all his videos on Youtube.

”The guy behind chatroulette blowjob video. What a great idea to make
fun about blowjobs and keep things trolling.
Find now on there is more to come”


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