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This chatroulette video is quite funny. You wish you had a blowjob.


Heading to New York, Manhatten. Taking coffee from a typical stardust franchise. It’s tough to make things on your own in New York. So he got a bit help from his gorgeous lady Alice. She manage all his things  and keeps things rolling.  Thanks Alice!

Glad to make things on your own! But some help can be really useful at this giant concrete jungle. From New York, going straight forward to San Fransisco. Aah, what a lovely place! Perfect workflow and people. Good experience, but also a good way to start new things and build it up. Unfortunately the economic crisis is here clearly visible. But that’s a good motivation to work harder. Means no relationships, no party’s! But you do fall in love with these people.  Pretty USA, with a low currency. I feel filthy rich with my euro’s over here.

Twitter is a common tool to share your actions on the internet. ‘Well…be carefull for what you say, grasshopper’ That’s what they told me. So I’m using twitter on a certain level. Personal and educational @dzanar


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